7 Easy Ways To Add Art In The Kitchen

It seems like we’re spending more and more time in our kitchens these days! Whether it’s cooking, working on the computer, helping the kids with homework or hosting the perfect dinner party, our kitchens have become real living rooms. So why then, are we not treating them as such and displaying fine art in our kitchens as we do in other rooms of our home?  Art evokes emotion, creates a mood and adds instant personality and character to the space.

Here is some inspiration at how art can be used to enhance your mood and create a unique environment within your kitchen.

Frank Ponterio kitchen in brown
Designer: FrankPonterio.com

How lovely is this? Here the design of this beautiful kitchen found a perfect opportunity to showcase a striking black and white photograph nestled in to an elegant breakfast nook. You can enjoy this image while eating breakfast or washing the dishes. This piece adds a sophisticate mood to the space and proves to be quite impactful!

Source: Mydomain.com, Photographer, DavidMitchellPhoto.com

Every piece of art has a story and highlighting a favorite artist front and center in the kitchen really is a conversation starter. The depth of the sepia tones in this painting juxtaposed with the white cabinets and backsplash definitely creates a mood. Equally beautiful is the black and white framing which very subtly ties this kitchen together.

Designer: Stephanie Sabbe of SabbeInteriors.com in ElementsofStyleBlog.com

We just love how these delicately understated shadow boxes are framed directly on to the pristine white shiplap walls surrounding this cozy banquette. It adds a fine line and texture to the surface while maintaining an elegant, calming and extremely soothing breakfast nook.

Source: OneKingsLane.com

A little bit of shelf art goes a long way! Open shelving in the kitchen is the perfect perch to feature your favorite photography, lithographs or paintings. So next time you start re-arranging for your next “shelfie”, put a smile on your face and add some simple art to your composition…and your newly styled shelves will be camera ready!


Designer, Annabelle Selldorf of Selldorf.com, Photographer, CLM-Agency.com

A kitchen after our own hearts. We love the stainless cabinetry, floating shelves and cozy banquette…but WOW! Andy Warhol’s Hamburger (1985-86) is a show stopper taking art in the kitchen to a whole new level. Proof that artwork can truly impact a space and shed light on your true personality.

Designer: MilesRedd.com in Elle Decor. Photographer, WilliamWaldron.com

Miles Redd The graphic nature and expressive quality of this black and white tiger photo instantly adds personality to this modern white kitchen. The piercing eyes greet you immediately as you enter…and hypnotically draws you in! This is a conversation starter for sure.

Designer, Eilen Johansen, Source: www.planete-deco.fr

A modern and colorful kitchen calls for colorful artwork! Beautifully vibrant paintings are scattered throughout this Spanish home. The bright colors and textures pop brilliantly off the walls. This whimsical kitchen gives you a sense of the homeowners’ fun and spirited personality.

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