7 Ways To Avoid Making Your Kitchen Look Dated

Trends come and go and some faster than others. Here’s a list of seven kitchen trends no longer in vogue, according to our kitchen pundits:

Photo: Douglas Friedman for Elle Decor douglasfriedman.net

1. Unless you have a very large family or entertain all the time, multiple equipment choices are on the wane. Forgo the third oven—stay with a range or cooktop, and perhaps a steam oven. Too many ovens take up needed space and add to the cost. Ditto for that second dishwasher or those refrigerator and freezer drawers that don’t hold much yet are pricey. By doing so, you’ll lower appliance and maintenance costs, use what you have more and have valuable square footage for a larger island, bigger table or a banquette.

Credit: Designer Nam Dang Mitchell namdangmitchell.com Photo cred Colin Way colinwayphoto.com

2. Multilevel islands in different materials, and often with different level counters. Having one level is a nicer, cleaner look, offers an extra work space and makes it easier to work, eat at and converse with other diners or the family cook.

Photo: Leicht Boston – Divine Design Center divinedesigncenter.com

3. Cabinets below countertops. Go instead with big, deep drawers with roll out shelves that are easier to open and find contents within. Fewer motions are involved to open the front and then reach into a shelf. Outfit the drawers with special features such as slots for cookie trays or pegs to keep dishes separated.

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4. Fewer small appliances on countertops. We all love our coffee machines, toaster ovens or toasters, standing mixers, immersion blenders, container for small utensils, and so on. But all this stuff clutters a kitchen. Instead, put some things away if not used daily. Those with extra kitchen space may add a walk-in room to keep items out on open shelves.

Photo: Emily Jenkins Followill emilyfollowill.com

5. Built-in desks for bill paying. These days most of us perform this task and others on our laptops, tablets or cell phones, so again use the space for a dual function. One option is to make the desk into a countertop. At the same time, include a small area, maybe near a back door, for a charging station with multiple outlets. Add a cabinet to conceal all the outlets and devices if you like the spare look.

Credit: Arent & Pyke Arentpyke.com Photo: Tom Ferguson tomferguson.com.au

6. Cabinets everywhere. If we’re all taking to heart Maria Kondo’s advice on the advantages of decluttering, then we should need fewer cabinets. Having them all around adds a closed-in feeling to a kitchen, which is increasingly becoming part of an open-plan design. Better to limit cabinets to fewer areas or leave some upper walls free of them totally.

Photo: Scott and Scott Architects- scottandscott.ca

7. Thematic designs. You can date certain kitchens from decades past. There was the rustic wood kitchen with overhead beams from the 1970s. The all-white laboratory look with some stainless from the ‘80s, and oversized white kitchens on steroids that were part of McMansions in the ‘90s. Today’s personalized kitchen reflects a more “anything goes” attitude. This may be the unifying look in 2018. Now that’s a recipe for success!

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