Allmilmo’s trademark handle-free cabinetry is an aesthetically clean, modern line. Aptly referred to as ‘Kitchen Furniture’, the quality of materials combined with high functionality and innovative layout ideas, Allmilmo  stands as one of the best in modern kitchen options.

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  • We have the Allmilmo cabinets and would like to remodel some and change out cabinet doors so need info please.
    Thank you,

  • Hi! We bought a house in US with an Allmilmo older kitchen. I was wondering if we could refresh the look of the kitchen by replacing some of the doors of the cabinets. Who should I contact about it? Our zip is 18901

  • I have just moved into a older home with an allmilmo kitchen. I not ready to redo the kitchen at this time but would consider updating the cabinet doors. Can you make suggestions?

  • allmilmö owners thinking about re-facing your kitchen.

    Something to think about.

    You have one of the world’s most iconic and highly sought after küchen brands on earth in your home. allmilmö was the first established German brand to sell its premium cabinetry in the US back in 1969 and is the kitchen of choice of many very famous celebrities, super star athletes, titans of business and over a million elite homes like yours in the U.S.

    Every piece of your allmilmö küchen cabinetry was hand-crafted exclusively for your home in the 1003 year-old Bavarian village, of Zeil am Main Germany. Nothing was mass produced and only the best materials available were used. This is the reason, 30-40 year old allmilmö küchens (cabinetry in general) are still in homes, while other brands have been replaced 2-3 times.
    This is the reason allmilmö (German Brand of the year winner) is America’s #1 choice in premium, hand-crafted German cabinetry.

    Replacing the fronts of an allmilmö küchen with locally made parts will absolutely destroy the prominence and value of the iconic brand that adds value to your home and gives you elite status. It is like painting over a Rembrandt, Monet or Picasso painting with a colored magic marker you purchased from Target.

    Replacing your door and drawer fronts is extremely technical from the measurements, manufacturing, tight tolerances (spacing between the fronts) to the install, due to the hinge placement on each cabinet box and how your drawer face attaches to the drawer box.

    Replacing these parts should only be done by an expert who understands frameless cabinetry and has the proper tools to do this work. The experts who can do this are very rare and even then, you may see unsightly holes or patches inside your cabinetry from old hinges.

    Keep in mind…the cost of door and drawer fronts is 75-80% of the cost of the cabinet. Expert technicians will charge well over $125 per hour and the average labor time to measure and replace these fronts will be 40 to 75 man hours or more (depending on the size of the kitchen)

    When it is all said and done, you will save money re-facing, but it will be minimal (the cost of counter tops, and plumbing) and you will not have the latest Reddot, award winning drawers and up to date premium quality.

    Contact allmilmö USA to learn more. 512-942-9756 [email protected]

    Designers point of view
    allmilmö Company Video

  • I have a 2006 Allmilmo kitchen – Design Art – Optima Apple Wood Decor Laminate.
    The design, beauty and practicality of the cabinets are without equal. Top quality throughout.
    HOWEVER, the Laminate surfaces (doors and drawer fronts) are impossible to clean.
    The surface seems to be slightly porous and and apparently absorb fat splatter and other stains, which now appear to be permanent.
    I have tried the usual products (alcohol, dish soap, general cleaner, etc.) – all to no avail – when the product dries, there are the ugly spots – unchanged.
    Is there any help or hope of restoring the surfaces to their original beauty?

    • Hello Kathy,

      Thank you for reaching out to Kitchen Design Network.

      Please contact Allmilmo directly, here in the US,
      William Trembley
      [email protected]

      Bill is responsive and helpful!

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