AND …. Baby Makes 3

Baby in Kitchen
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By Ashley Nolan

It feels like you just had a beautiful wedding with an ideal registry; you filled your new home with all types of goodies you and your hubby can share in your new life together. Now, seemingly the moment you have everything unpacked, organized and placed, your home is about to get even more full because you will soon be welcoming a baby to your duo and Baby makes 3. I hear you –  I have no idea what to expect either. It’s one thing watching my friends juggle jobs, marriages, and babies, but it’s another to know there is life growing inside of you and soon there will be a whole new person in your house, your life and your kitchen!

I am going to grow this column with you. We are going to explore the wonders of becoming a parent and what that means for your home…and your kitchen. Having a baby changes everything about your kitchen lifestyle: dish washing detergent, sanitizers, bottles, drying mats, etc. How do you know what to use and if it’s right for you AND safe for baby? 

While I love to cook and have always found it therapeutic, I know my cooking style will change when the baby arrives. What are some kitchen safety essentials to prep for a new baby in the home? How do you distract the baby while you’re working on a complicated recipe? Are your regular cleaning solutions ok to use with Little One? We’ll discuss all that in this column. 

We also don’t want to sacrifice our space and style for baby mania. I’ve been to so many homes and seen empty bottles, sippy cups and other clutter all over the kitchen counters. How can we find a solution for space and design that won’t counteract the practicality of what we do for our babies on a daily basis? A high chair for all to see will quickly become part of your kitchen’s makeup. Perhaps spending a few more dollars on a stylish high chair that isn’t an eye sore is the right idea…but is it practical?

I want to hear from you. Do you want to know about the best baby food makers? Clever storage ideas? Tell me what you’d like to learn about and we’ll go through this together. We want to be as prepared as possible for bringing our upcoming bundles of joy home. When Baby Makes 3, there’s no turning back!

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