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Doesn’t everyone love kitchen gadgets? I for one am a big fan and yes like most chefs,  I have a recommended list of favorites and essential gadgets. As a yacht chef I often had access to an unlimited budget and clients who requested dishes that would require a Pacojet or immersion circulator. As a new mom, these days, life is more about “what is the quickest and easiest way to get something healthy on a plate?” to avoid ordering takeout (again) or selecting a high-sodium frozen brick from the deep freezer. So, I’ve compiled a list of some of my kitchen essentials that make cooking for my family & clients both fun and easy.


A Good Knife
A good knife. My current go-to is a Shun Kaji Santoku. Shun knives are as beautiful as they are useful with wooden handles and thin, sharp and durable steel blades. I like them so much I own three (and this prevents arguing over who gets to use the good knife!)
Breville Smart Oven Red
A small “smart oven” – I love my Breville Smart Oven. It toasts the perfect bagel, bakes anything from cookies to lasagna and reheats pizza to crispy perfection – need I say more?
Vitamix 750
A Powerful Blender – The Vitamix 5200 with variable speed controls is one mean machine. I’ve used every blender out there, but none makes a silkier smoothie, a perfectly chunky salsa or hot soup in minutes quite like this. I’m lusting after the Professional 750 Series with its short stature and bells and whistles… maybe when Avery is off to college!
Cuisinart Elite Food Processor
Food Processor – I own a Cuisinart and frequently use it to shave vegetables for salads, chop nuts, or whip up oat flour & almond meal for gluten-free cookies. This will also be a must-have for making baby food.
KitchenAid Mixer Red
A Stand Mixer – My basic KitchenAid Stand mixer tilt-head model does the job but I’m pining for a Professional bowl-lift series in a splashy color. A hand-mixer does the job for basics but a stand-mixer is where it’s at for kneading dough, whipping up a batch of royal icing or rolling out pasta dough (providing you have the attachment.)


What are your Kitchen Essentials? Let us know using the #KDNkitchenessentials.


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