Fabulous Finds: SKOUT and Source for Kitchen Decor

Fabulous finds don’t just happen, it can hard work to find the perfect kitchen decor especially if you’re looking for something very specific.
We love the process, the people we meet along the way and the stories as much as we love scoring “The Find”

The BEST TIP we can give you is to enjoy the experience and have fun with it. 

SKOUT is the Kitchen Design Network’s entourage of select designers from around the country who have fabulous taste and an ear to ground to help us find and share fabulous sources in their cities and towns.

SKOUT put the “K in Scout” to find the best home decor sources specifically for kitchens. We call it kitchen couture and we love to mix high and low for affordability and modern and vintage for a personalized couture look that’s perfect for you and your home.


As designers we spend a lot of time scouting and sourcing the best home decor and materials for our client’s kitchens. During the year we scour diverse trade shows, vintage fairs and flea markets and we especially love finding small off the beaten path shops in our travels.

Recently we were SKOUTing at High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina and went to a few of our favorite places and discovered some new ones along the way. Below are some pieces that because of their height make for great residential Kitchen Islands, Bars, Dining Room, Banquette Seats or Servers or for use in restaurants, design shops, food markets or clothing boutiques.



A fabulous find can make the difference between your project being ordinary to a look and feel that’s extraordinary, personal, interesting and maybe even publishable.


We love the idea of investing in items that you can take with you from one home to another or apartment to apartment.
I call that win win kitchen couture, you get to use it, enjoy it AND take it with you. Buying an costly item that seems like a luxury splurge can stop you in your tracks in the middle of the Rose Bowl Flea Market but fear not, every home needs a few pieces of luxury mixed in with affordable basics. There’s often great bargains at markets. Be patient and know what you’re willing to pay, when in doubt and be prepared to walk away.

#1 You have to truly love it.
#2 It’s a keeper if it has multiple uses should you move.
#3 It should be movable/not fixed so it can go with you.

Imagine these pieces stripped down for a more organic approach, or painted a high gloss lacquer paint or an pretty chalk paint from the gorgeous selection of colors from Annie Sloan. My current color crush.


Respectively, we live on the East and West coasts and have a wealth of wonderful resources throughout New England, New York Metro area and Southern California but we created SKOUT to bring you fabulous resources from around the county. If you have favorite  resources in your city or neighborhood please we’d love to add it to our list for our readers. Send to [email protected]. Summer is the perfect “picking” time at markets around the country.



Sourcing and shopping for clients can be tedious and hard work but let’s be serious, getting lost in an antiques market isn’t such a tough day at the office. So today, grab a friend and go get lost in a local antiques market. We’d love to see what you found, so report back to us if you happen to hit pay dirt with a fabulous find. All photos Rebecca Reynolds



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