Fall In Love With Sicily and Their Ceramics

There are many reasons to fall in love with Sicily. The friendly people, perfect weather and delicious food are just a few. Another reason is the stunning ceramic work that you see everywhere you go. I discovered this ancient Italian art form on a recent trip. My mind was racing with the possibilities of incorporating these colorful and well made pieces into the garden and kitchen. I loved that these pieces weren’t just items made to be sold to tourists, but are actually used by the locals. Ceramics are nothing new to Sicily as it is believed they were first made around the second century BC. The clay used is renowned for it’s superior quality, which results in beautiful pieces that stand the test of time. Here are some of my favorites:

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Beautiful Kitchen Ceramics
The large variety of ceramic items means there is something for everyone. From kitchenware to table tops to floor tiles and light fixtures the possibilities for adding one (or many) of these special pieces to your home are vast.
Italian serving trays
Serving trays in all patterns perfect for entertaining.
Sicilian Ceramic bowls
Brightly colored bowls, cups and jars. An easy way to add a pop of color to your kitchen décor.
Sicilian Ceramic
 Not all the colors are bright. You can also find beautiful pale blues, greens and yellows.
Sicilian Head Planter
Something you’ll see all over Sicily are these ceramic heads commonly referred to as Moorish Heads. They can be used as planters or just décor. I think they are really whimsical. I spotted this one in the breakfast room of our hotel.
Italian Ceramic Planter
If the Moorish head isn’t your style, you can also find many planters and window boxes in any design and color scheme you can imagine. These geraniums were in the garden of our hotel.
Sicilian ceramics are commonly used as tabletops. You see them everywhere and they are stunning. You can have them custom made with any design and color combination as well.
Sicilian Ceramic Tiles
These tiles make great additions to kitchens as a backsplash, floors or even decorative wall art.
Italian Tile Floor
A ceramic factory that we visited had tiled part of their workspace with this gorgeous tile. I’m now dreaming of having this in our kitchen and bringing the memory of Sicily home with me forever.

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