Hiring the Best Contractor for Your Kitchen

When looking for the right contractor for your kitchen renovation do your homework to help make this investment and experience a successful one. It’s imperative to hire the most reputable, professional, and capable contractor for your project. Do your due diligence and look for the following:


To become licensed, most states require building contractors to pass a written exam focusing on construction law, business organization, and the skills of their occupation. In many cases, they’re also required to attend CEU classes throughout the year. Ask for their state license number and follow up by contacting your State’s Licensing Board. There you’ll find the current status of their company’s license, if any complaints have ever been filed, or if they’ve been involved in any legal suits.

Reputation and References

Developing an impeccable reputation takes years of building customer satisfaction and work well done. Contractors with strong reputations will be more than happy to share their references with you. Their referrals should be current and the projects similar in scope to yours.

The most reliable references tend to come from trusted family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues who have worked directly with that GC.

Don’t be afraid to ask:

· Was the contractor on time and on budget? If not…why?
· How accessible was he/she and was communication easy?
· Did all phases pass the first inspection?
· Was the job site safe and well maintained at all times?
· Are the homeowners satisfied with the overall quality of work and final product?
· Have there been any problems post completion?
· Would they hire that contractor again?

Quality of Craftsmanship

When checking their references, try to see at least one project that’s currently under construction and one or two completed renovations.

If under construction look for:

· Organization on the job site.
· Scrutinize the quality of craftsmanship at various stages of installation.
· Observe the relationship between the GC and their subs.
· How well do they communicate with each other?

If completed look for:

· Level floor surfaces and smooth threshold transitions.
· The quality of floor stains and finishes.
· Smooth and even wall surfaces.
· Any visible seams, cracks or nail pops in the drywall.
· Smooth and even paint application.
· Tight joints on all moldings, trims and baseboards.
· Precision in the tile installation.
· Cabinetry installation.
· Drawers operating smoothly with solid hardware.
· Tight joints and moldings on all cabinet surfaces…without gaps.
· All doors and cabinet hardware installed straight and evenly.


The most reputable, reliable, and quality contractors are the ones with longevity, which naturally reflects financial stability to the customer. The longer they’ve been in business, the more comfortable they are with committing to certain types of projects.

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