Lifestyle is such an important aspect of the design and planning phase of any new kitchen, not to mention the cost of a new kitchen and how this will affect your everyday life and future financial planning. Theres so many lifestyle aspects to consider; How do you live? How do you shop for food ? Do you entertain weekly for friends and family or a couple times a year on holidays and you have a crowd?
How do you spend money and make buying decisions? Do you have domestic help? Who food shops, cooks and cleans up on a regular basis ? Do you have a child or spouse thats a budding chef? What climate do you live in? Is planning an indoor/outdoor kitchen possible?Are you a busy executive that rarely cooks or an uber busy stay at home mom with the girl scout troop over every Wednesday? I think you see we could go on and on to find out more about how you live to determine what would work best for your new kitchen renovation. We’ll share insight and images from how we make decisions for our clients and share with you kitchens from readers all over the world to give you more food for thought for your next kitchen renovation.