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Rebecca Reynolds Lori Gilder's Napa Valley Showhouse Kitchen 2015

Medallion Cabinetry is a leader for stylish and affordable cabinets for your next kitchen or bath renovation.  Cabinetry is one of the materials that kitchen renovation crazed people not only think they need to spend a lot of money on in their kitchen renovation, but do. Over the twenty years of designing kitchens I remain true to the advice I give all my clients, no matter how big or small the job or the overall budget is…. it goes like this

Develop a budget  This will be your “go to guide” throughout the project
Buy the best your budget affords you – Don’t make short sighted decisions for a long term investment
Evaluate your families needs – Prioritize your budget realistically to get the things most important to you

Sounds logical right? While following the above advice the cabinetry will still be one of your most significant investments. Thankfully over time, semi-custom manufacturers  like Medallion Cabinetry have made it easy to achieve what I call my “barometer for a good cabinet” it’s all about the “Fit and Finish” What does this mean? It means that a cabinet must be well made, have finishes that hold up for years and be easily installed.

Homeowners often don’t realize the complexity of putting a kitchen together from start to finish. It’s like a puzzle. It’s made up of many pieces that have to fit together perfectly, function and look beautiful. It’s a tall task. They’re fixed in nature and every eight of an inch matters.

Years ago Medallion was bought by their now parent company ELKAY, manufacturers of plumbing and sinks for residential and commercial use.ELKAY infused big ideas, money and technology to make this cabinet company a leader in the semi-custom cabinetry market today and it’s one of the reasons why we chose to use it for our upcoming kitchen in Traditional Home Magazines 2015 Napa Valley Showhouse.
Here’s a look at the rendering presented to the client. Accepted with rave reviews thank god! We chose Medallion Shaker style cabinetry combined with Quarter Sawn Oak in Cobblestone finish. Tracery ceiling, cement pattern floor, floating shelves, clean tile design and brass accents.
We can’t wait to show you the reveal but for now here’s a sneak peak at the renderings.

Range and Sink Wall

 Existing locations remain to save on renovation costs. Our homeowners are a young newlywed couple who are traditional but wanted a fresh modern updated kitchen. Our solution, a vintage and modern twist with old and new materials and a  classic tracery ceiling in for interest and dimension.

Napa Rendering_Range View
Our sketch of the range and sink wall

Range Wall
Before of the Kitchen

Kitchen View to Backyard

This is where we wanted to spend some renovation dollars to gain access to new back deck, allow more light into the kitchen and an eat-in banquette nook. All essential elements to make this kitchen functional and fabulous and fit within the existing space.

Napa Rendering_Banquette View
Our sketch of the kitchen facing the backyard

Before of the kitchen


This is not the first time I’ve used Medallion:

My mom’s home – Nineteen years ago my mom bought a two family home that was built in the early late 30’s. I believe the kitchen was original with a big freestanding range, Almost no counter space, a few metal cabinets and an old refrigerator. Tired and dysfunctional she enlisted me to give it an affordable makeover. It was 1997 and Thermofoil cabinetry was coming on the kitchen cabinetry scene. Being a little bit of a purist I was skeptical. How would the Thermofoil would hold up? Would it peel? Would it yellow? What we knew was… it fit the budget. At the time Medallion didn’t offer solid paint colors (they do now) and she wanted a white kitchen. I have been so amazed at how well it’s held up for 18 years.

In 2001 I bought this home from my mom. Oh boy, time for a kitchen in the other apartment. This kitchen involved tearing down some walls to make an open living kitchen.

I also chose Medallion Cabinetry for my kitchen. The transformation was amazing. White cabinets, black granite tops and nice stainless appliances including a Bertazzoni range.

Fast forward,  I recently sold this house and both kitchens were the hit of the house.
It’s that simple. Both kitchens were white, plenty of stone and wood prep and counter top areas , stainless appliances, a lot of great storage and interior goodies to make any cook or kitchen aficionado very happy.

My bookkeepers home – So over time I put many Medallion kitchens into peoples homes but I don’t always get to see how they look years later. My bookkeeper who is a personal friend asked me to design his kitchen about twenty years ago. It was a more masculine kitchen. Cherry Medallion cabinets, dark granite and stainless. Hands down just a smart looking beautiful and functional kitchen. When he has his annual Christmas party, where does everyone want to be? The kitchen. Last week during a visit I literally inspected the kitchen with a fine tooth comb and it’s like new. Medallion… keep up the good work making affordable great looking cabinetry with style so people on many different budgets can have beautiful kitchens and not break the bank.


Other Medallion Cabinetry Kitchens

Medallion Cabinetry has the diversity to have any look you want. Below are some beautiful ideas for your next kitchen renovation from Medallion Cabinetry.

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