Open Shelf Ideas

The concept of the open shelf has been on trend this past year and doesn’t seem to be on the way out any time soon. While traditional upper cabinets keep the dust and dirt at bay and hides the mess that lies within, the concept of upper cabinets lining the perimeter of a kitchen can feel very claustrophobic and “cabinet heavy”

While open shelving isn’t for everyone, the concept instantly creates a lighter and brighter kitchen aesthetic while still providing a highly functional and stylish approach to today’s kitchen living. Floating shelves take on their own personalities and as a result can be a unique and sophisticated way to display and organize our stuff in plain sight.

Here are five of our favorites:

This Spanish white kitchen is full of rustic charm. The suspended open shelving serves a dual purpose, from easy access to every day dinnerware to providing a visual drop from the lofted slatted ceiling. We just love that these white kitchen shelves are bright and airy…clean and uncluttered.
Floating Shelf Ideas
This Hawaiian chef’s kitchen is completely void of any upper cabinetry. In order to keep the kitchen space crisp and open to the natural environment, three glass floating shelves span the window, secured in place by the most stunning brass brackets. The view is unobstructed and the dishes sparkle in the daylight!
Flotating Shelf Ideas DesignerMichelleRSmith Photo OlivierKoning
Sophisticated and elegant these shelves are styled to perfection. The black wood shelves resting inside the brass brackets just pop off the Carrera marble backsplash. Black and white line drawings are proudly perched among the dishes and glassware. We just love to see art in unexpected places in the kitchen.
Floating Shelf Ideas Designed by KristinCadwallader of
So much texture and character is poured in to the corner of this warm and cozy kitchen. Here three open shelves are simply extended out from the upper cabinets, exposing the gorgeous brick wall while providing just enough open storage within easy reach of the range.
Floating open Shelf Ideas PhotoCred
Recycling and reusing slatted crates and reclaimed shelving is every DIYer’s dream! Ample spacing between each shelf also allows for additional hanging cup storage. The rustic nature of these floating shelves creates instant personality in this modern black and white kitchen and puts the “FUN” in functional
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Floating Shelf Ideas
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