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This is the ultimate mini-larder.  Use the pouring Scoops to store all your dry cooking ingredients and keep your herbs and spices in the 9 artisan Bottles slotted into the base.

Made and hand-painted in Shropshire, England, the Kitchen Cabinet comes fully assembled with the bottles and scoops included and can be wall-hung or free standing.

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  • Each pourable scoop container holds the equivalent of a large bag of dry cooking ingredients i.e. 900g flour or 1.5kg rice or 2kg sugar or 500g pasta.
  • The size is specifically designed to hold an entire bag of ingredients, this reduces waste, it also reduces the amount of half empty ingredient bags lurking in the back of the kitchen cupboards.
  • The transparent front panel is made of a heavy duty acrylic not glass.  The reason for this is that if glass is used and shatters, the item becomes unusable.
  • The weight of the Scoops is kept to a minimum, so that when it is full of ingredients it does not become too heavy to lift.
  • The nine glass bottles with aluminium lids help make this a perfect pantry for baking ingredients and spices.
  • The lids are designed to be opened and closed with a small twist unlike the screw like action of most lids, so particularly useful for anyone who finds opening jars difficult.
  • I am often asked if the produce stays fresh. Yes, it does. Modern packaging leads us to believe that dry food needs to be in an airtight container but that it not the case. Remember, much of our produce is kept in hessian sacks before being packaged in a hermetically sealed environment.

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