Refresh and Restyle With a Partial Kitchen Rehab

Whether it’s concern that kitchen remodeling costs continue to climb or wariness about passage of the tax bill and how it will affect real estate investments, some home owners are anxious about undertaking a major kitchen overhaul. However, if they find their room unappealing aesthetically or some parts don’t function well, a partial rehab may be a wise alternative.

These days there are many ways to upgrade a kitchen for those worried about spending more than $62,000 and up, according to the latest Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine. Here are 5 suggestions. While we offer some cost estimates and ranges, know that who you hire to do work, the model of an appliance, species of a wood and store or distributor where you shop all influence the price tag.

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Paint. Many experienced paint companies no longer repaint and finish cabinets with wall paint. Instead, they’ve developed proprietary finishes that wear like hard car finishes do. This type of overhaul isn’t cheap, and a simple job of 30 or so boxes can run from $5,000 to $6,000 or more. Knobs can also be changed easily at the same time.

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Countertops. These also can be changed out to a fresher material than laminate or granite. Consider more durable, antibacterial quartz or quartzite, which isn’t as prevalent–yet. At the time you make this change, which may run $3,500 to $4,000, depending on how many square feet are involved and the material you select, you can vary the type of edge you want such as a half bullnose or bevel.

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Water Appliances. If you’re changing out countertops, why not install a new sink and faucet that will make a difference in looks and clean-up. Go with a faucet that’s tall??? and hip with a single lever and maybe a touch feature; many are available from $275 to $350. For the sink go deep with an undermounted stainless, one-bowl design—rectangular gives some industrial chicness. Look at models with removable accessories such as a drain board, colander and cutting board; many run about $400.

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Flooring. Changing out flooring alters the look and can also be a boon for aging knees and feet when softer cork or rubber are laid rather than a hardwood or ceramic. The cost will vary based on the square footage, material—and species if exotic or reclaimed–and need for a new subfloor.

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Lighting. Lighting can change up a room instantly by brightening the space and making it seem bigger or warmer, or both. It also can improve energy efficiency and safety. Some new LED strips under cabinetry, different bulbs in existing fixtures or new fixtures, and dimmer controls to vary the mood all will add a fresher look. Prices, like flooring, are tough to gauge because of the number of bulbs needed and fixtures selected. Add in a new window and you’ve hit a home run.

After you assess each possibility, decide if your current kitchen warrants these improvements. Add up costs. In some cases, you may decide you are throwing good money after bad, and choose to wait, save, and do one great gut job.

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